The world’s most advanced autonomous robotic kitchen is the ideal solution for a wide variety of businesses:

Quick Serve & Fast Casual Restaurants

Our turnkey solution requires a smaller footprint, lowers overhead costs and delivers food consistently with lower food waste. ARK can deliver a wide range of foods or specific themed food concepts, making it ideal for corporate-owned stores and franchises.

Consumers can fully personalize their meals via the app, including ingredients and portion sizes – providing full visibility on calories, sugars, sodium, protein intake and more.

Business Campuses and Office Towers

Replace pre-packed foods and unhealthy meal options with a wide range of hot or cold meals that are dispensed quickly and can be personalized by taste or dietary needs.   The ARK gives control back to the employees – to get meals the way they want and when they want – served fresh.

Its large dispensing  and ingredient capacity gives thousands of menu options  AND items do not have to be refilled as often as other systems. ARK speed, service capacity and autonomous operation makes it  ideal for large campuses and office towers

Grocery and Convenience

As gas stations and grocery stores are offering prepared food options to busy customers, they will enjoy the convenience, safety and freshness of food prepared and served by ARK.  Eliminate training, shift work for redundant tasks and be available whenever your customers want fresh food 24/7.

Airports and Transportation Hubs

Travelers move through transportation hubs and airports at all hours, yet have limited access to quick, healthy food choices. Our autonomous robotic kitchen works around the clock so travellers can get a fresh, healthy meal while they are waiting for their train, flight or bus.

Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities operate 24/7 but many food choices are limited by the hours of operation.  With the ARK, patients can order custom-made meals based on dietary requirements.  

With a quick tap, sodium or sugars in a menu can be eliminated to cater to patients with high blood pressure or Diabetes.  The system can create 1000+ freshly prepared menu items, even in the middle of the night or  in the wee hours of the morning – eliminating pre-made and grab-and-go options.

Educational Facilities and Schools

Offer hungry students healthy, personalized food items with 1000+ of menu choices at any hour, day or night. The payment model can be integrated into school meal plans, many items can be personalized, ordered ahead of time and picked up from designated food lockers.

Senior Living Centres

Personalized meals based on dietary restrictions and nutritional special needs are especially important for seniors.. Menu items can easily be updated and changed, thanks to the simple OS. This allows for more than 1000 options to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. The ARK will not stop working any time of day or night, providing healthy, quick meals to loved ones.

Senior Living Centres

Entertainment Complexes

Whether it is a movie theatre, stadium or entertainment complex, the ARK can satisfy multiple cravings quickly and freshly. Over a 1000+ menu options can be made-to-order with the click of a button, including the ability to order ahead and send to an assigned seat. Reduce staff requirements and training. The ARK high throughput means you can serve hundreds of meals in a couple hours spanning everything from french fries, chicken fingers, wings, power bowls or salads