Our Approach

Why RoboEatz?

Designed with safety, reliability and ability for mass production, RoboEatz ARK brings the benefits of automation, cleanliness, efficiency and menu personalization to the kitchen.


Able to create 1,000 meals before requiring ingredient refill


Self-cleaning and sanitizing pots and utensils


Reduced labor and downtime costs due to staff turnover and training


Creates meals in 30 sec+ (depending on complexity of dish) without compromising quality. New menu items can be added and operational in five minutes.


80+ ingredients can be used to create 1000s of hot and cold menu items made to order.

Enhanced Experience

Diners benefit from quick service, consistent food quality with the ability to personalize menu items by taste or dietary need.

Automatic ordering/inventory control

RoboEatz detects when ingredient supply is low or nearing expiration date and will automatically order refills from the wholesaler.


RoboEatz is the only autonomous robotic kitchen system that prepares, cooks and serves a variety of hot and cold meals, self-cleans and sanitizes. No staff training or supervision needed.

Food Safety

RoboEatz provides contamination control against viruses and bacteria through temperature regulation, smart storage and freshness tracking.

Reduces Food Waste

AI monitors food quality, expiration dates and ingredient supply, eliminating human error that leads to food waste.

The system will create alerts to lower prices on menu items to move dishes with perishable ingredients

Supply chain efficiency is improved with accurate inventory control and automatic ordering of ingredients.